Marketing Automation: Turning Marketers Into Matchmakers

digital matchmaking

It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. Today I’m reminded of a professor I had years ago at Wharton who espoused a very noble definition of Marketing: It is so much more than just advertising.  It includes every activity that aims to bring consumers together with the products or services they need.  Market research.  Pricing. …

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SEO Rich Snippets To Improve Sales


What Are Rich Snippets?  Why Use Them? Rich snippets are HTML-coded bits of information about your products or website content. By coding this information into key pages of your website, you allow Google to display some of this data up-front to consumers on search engine results pages (SERPs).  This can help sites- especially ecommerce sites- …

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Keeping The Spam Out Of SEO

No Spam!

The longer I practice SEO, the less sketchy I feel when explaining my job to new people.When I first started doing SEO, I can’t tell you how many times a new introduction would look me skeptically in the eye and say something to the effect of, “Sooo…you’re a spammer?“Or, “Oh, so you cheat the system.“Or, …

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Google Personalized Search Goes SSL

Google SSL

What is SSL and what is it doing to my searches?This past Tuesday, Google announced that it would be “making search more secure.”  How?  For users who are signed into their Google accounts, will now default to an SSL connection.  This means users’ actual search queries will be un-trackable by most other sites.As background, …

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Netflix as a Warning Tale For SEO


So What’s The Deal With Netflix? I’m sure you already know the story by now- it has gotten plenty of attention over the past 24 hours.  But in case you don’t, here’s the quick backstory. Yesterday Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, posted an explanation on the Netflix blog about the latest changes to its pricing …

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GWT Changes Its Backlink Reporting


Recently, Google Webmaster Tools announced an update to the way it reports links to your website.  In my opinion, it’s about time.  This change will give a more realistic view of what’s going on with your site’s backlinks.  As Google itself explained in its blog announcement, it will report links “in a way that more …

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How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

keyword research

One of the first steps you should take in the SEO process is keyword research. Deciding on the right keywords of focus before you start optimizing your site for them will give your entire program more traction.  The simple reason why is that not all keywords are created equal — some keywords are more targeted to your company’s …

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Google Panda Update: What It Means For Your Site


One of the more influential recent developments in the Google ranking algorithm is what is being called the “Panda Update” (or Famer update- named for its treatment of link farms).  This update was Google’s attempt to cut down on content farms, which are sites with what is generally considered low-quality content. These are sites like …

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Why Marketers Should Care About Search

magnifying glass

As Search Engine Marketing becomes more of a priority in companies and organizations of all sizes, I do not find myself having to do as much persuasion of the field’s value as I used to.  My sense is that companies know they should be actively engaged in Search Marketing- perhaps simply because everyone else is. …

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